Why Entrepreneurship Education Does Not Work

I know dozens of entrepreneurship professors at campuses around the country and they’re almost universally great guys (they are typically male). I love what motivates them.  They’re truly dedicated to developing young people.


What It Takes To Be A Successful 50+ Business Owner

Some professors do their research in laboratories or libraries. But when Utah State University business school’s Michael Glauser wanted to learn what successful small business owners in small-town America had in common, he hopped on a bike.

Businesswoman in Office

Women May Make Better Entrepreneurs And Here’s Why

Women entrepreneurs are articulate, tenacious and ambitious.  To my understanding, a third of all new companies created today are run by women.  Entrepreneurship supports economic growth and so what is good for women is good for the economy.


How Do We Define Success For Women Entrepreneurs?

Researchers from 12 countries attended this year’s Diana Project International Research Conference, dedicated  to advancing our understanding of women business owners and their businesses, to address questions focused upon two themes: gender and family business, and gender and innovation.


Seven Steps To Entrepreneurship

I can’t remember the exact moment I had the thought, but it was an epiphany. It crept in slowly, like someone trying to startle me: “What if I didn’t have the title of SVP Global Communications anymore?” What if I wasn’t the…
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